Tony bought 4 cookies and on the the way home he ate 1 tenth of a cookie (.1) when he got home he went to share his cookies with 2 of his friends how many cookies do each of his friends get?

First you give as many whole cookies as you can to each friend, witch is 1 whole cookie each. Then you got to cut the next whole cookie in to 8 tenths. you put the 11 tenths you have left and split them evenly in 2 groups and each group gets 5 tenths and then you split the 1 tenth you have left in to 10 hundreths and each person gets 5 hundreths.
your answer is each friend gets 1 and 85 hundreths of a cookie.


Bethany has 4 and 2 tenths of a snickers bar and she wants to put the snickers on 7 plates for her sleepover. so first she cut up the 4 whole bars into tenths so she had 40 tenths of a snickers bar and put 6 tenths of a bar on each of the 7 plates and there is your answer there are 6 tenths of a snickers bar on each plate.