Abigail Adams

Date of birth: November 11,1744,in Weymouth, Massachusetts.[4]
Date of death:1818 [2]
Abigail Adams was a Patriot in the Revolutionary War. She wanted women to be treated as well as men were treated. Abigail Adams was wife to the second President of the U.S.[2]

Abigail Adams's Life as a Child

Abigail Adams parents were William and Elizabeth Quincy Smith. Abigail Adams and her family were rich. They had a lot of money. [3]. Abigail Adams had two sisters and one brother. Abigail Adams had no formal education. She was taught to read and write at home.[1]. Whenever she had a free moment she would read books. She read history, sermons, philosophy, essays, and poetry.[5]
In some respects, young Abigail Adams was a model child. She was slender, small for her age, brown haired, and wide eyed. Abigail Adams was shy and well mannered. She was also obedient. Abigail Adams was also very sick growing up.


Abigail Adams was 15 years old when she first met 25 year old John Adams. Adams was not looking for a wife. He had in fact, counseled himself againist marriage. Two years after his first encounter with the Smiths, John Adams visited the family with his friend Richard Cranch. This time John Adams reaction to Abigail was different. He thought she was unlike any women he had known. John Adams became a frequent visitor to the Smiths home, where the two spent hours discussing literature, politics, philosophy, and religion. But before many months had passed, most of their conversations were about marriage. On Oct.25, 1774 , Abigail Adams and John Adams got married.[5] Abigail Adams and John Adams had five children.[3]
John Adams and Abigail Adams:by http://www.learnnc.org/lp/media/uploads/2008/11/john_abigail_adams_450.jpgy

What Abigail Adams is famous for

Patriot Abigail Adams wanted to be sure that independence would be good for women as much as independence was good for men. Abigail Adams wrote letters to her husband about how women should have independence also. Here is one part of a letter she wrote to her husband, "If particular care and attention are not paid to the ladies we are determined to foment a rebellion and will not hold ourselves bound to obey any laws in which we have no voice or representation on.[6] As you can see Abigail Adams is famous for writing letters to her husband saying that women should have freedom too.

Picture of Abigail Adams
Picture of Abigail Adams



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