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This space is designed to be a place where students from Mr. Soskil's classes in the Wallenpaupack South Elementary School can come together to find information, share ideas, display work, and show the world all of the great things they are learning. As the school year goes on we will be adding more, so make sure you check back. If you are looking for Mr. Soskil's Professional wiki, it's here: metsoskil.wikispaces.com

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Thanksgiving Service Project 2008

Kindergarten Carnival 2009

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US Citizenship Test Study Guide

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13 British Colonies
Life in the British Colonies
Differences Divide Britain and its Colonies
War of 1812
The US Constitution
Bill of Rights
Ben's Guide to the Constitution
Corps of Discovery '09
The Way West 09
Obama Inauguration
Background To The Conflict


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Divisibility Tests
MLB Wins Data
MLB Attendance Data
Order of Operations
Geometry Game for Studying Vocabulary
Lines and Angles '08
plane and solid figures
Factors and Multiples
Geometry 08-09
Algebra - Integers
Geometry and the Coordinate Plane
Fraction Concepts
Million Dollar Project Research 09
2009 Million Dollar Projects


Parts of Speech

Grammar Ninja


Book Reviews

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