Trouble Don't Last

Reviwed by Mackenzie Walter

Book Review

Trouble Don’t Last
By, Shelley Pearsall
The book Trouble Don’t Last was a great book the character related really well. The eleven year old Samuel was a slave in Kentucky in September 1859. When one of the slaves that takes care of him decides to run away and takes Samuel with him. Samuel finds out that the slave that he ran away with is his grandfather and he also finds out that his mother is in Chatham Canada free and he is trying to find her while he is running away. So they travel from Blue Ash Kentucky to Chatham Canada to find Samuel’s mother.

The whole book was a thrilling escape story. The conclusion of the story is that he finds his mother and lives with his mother and his grandfather Harrison. The setting took place in Kentucky, Ohio, and Canada. They have problems while they are trying to get free. They found many places to sleep and eat were people would take them to more safe places. On their way they almost got caught by patrollers that would catch them and take them back to be sold, but they didn’t get caught which was good.
My Favorite part was when they reached Chatham Canada and Samuel Found his mother. They met many people on their journey. Met the River Man, Mr. Keepheart, Reverend Pry, Hetty Scott, and Green Murdock. This book has many characters and settings in it. This story can really tell a great escape story. I love how all the characters relate to each other through of the book. It can give you an image of where the characters are, what they are doing and how far away they are from freedom.
The plot was how they were trying to get free and find Samuel’s mother without getting caught and going back to Kentucky to be sold back as slaves again. They never got caught they did meet many people that would help them on their trip. They were almost to freedom when Harrison got sick and was in bed for days. Samuels was scared that Harrison would get worse and eventually die. I loved the plot because the plot carried on throughout the story it was never boring it was always going on and always was in a different place.
But eventually Harrison gets well and they continue on their way to freedom. The Theme is how they find their way to freedom and Samuel meets his mother. There are 32 chapters to this book. 32 thrilling chapters that make a great book. Samuel doesn’t stay behind at all. When Harrison was going to escape he asked Samuel if he was coming or not. Samuel wasn’t sure if wanted to go but he went with him. Samuel was glad he left when he found out that he would found his mother.
As you can see I loved reading this book it was a great escape story. All the characters related so well with each other. The characters related with the setting and the plot. I loved how that Samuel and Harrison got to live with Samuel’s mother in the end. Samuel was very happy after they were free and could not be told to do anything anymore.