Almost Home

Reviewed by Abigail Ladner

Almost Home

By: Nora Raleigh Baskin

In the book “Almost home” I personally thought the book was boring. It left you guessing in the end what was going to happen next? And another thing is Lisa and Will (her friend) didn’t do many exciting things. That is why I didn't like it. I would never recomend this book to anyone.

The characters were Lisa, Will (Lisa’s Friend), Gail (Lisa’s stepmother), and Lisa’s dad. The characters were good, but what they said didn’t make sense. To me they were hard to understand. At first Lisa was saying “I hate you, why did you let Gail touch my letters.” To her father the next thing that happened they were hugging. As I said all very confusing.

The setting in “Almost Home” started on a Lisa’s bus she felt sick. Then it went to a Lisa’s house she was sad and angry. After that it was at her school she was failing all of her classes. The rest of the story it was in those places. Then all of a sudden It went everywhere with two different people. It was all very confusing. That is why I did not like it.

The plot was not very good becausethere was nothing that was very exiting. plus you could not mak a plot becausethere was no intence moment in the book.

The theme was: Lisa had no friends so; she made some it shows even if you are new you can do anything you put your mind to. When she finally made a friend she thought it was different .

As you can see by this book review the book Almost Home wasn’t my favorite, I thought it was very boring nothing exciting happened in the whole book. I won’t recommend this book to anyone I know. If you want a good book don’t get this one. Try another one.

(Reviewed by: Abigail Ladner)