George Washington

This page is about George Washington, and it's about his early life, his army life during the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War, and his later life as President of the United States.

George Washington's early life

1 He was born on Feb. 22 1732 in Virginia. His Father died in 1743. He had two wives. He ran the family estate. He was a general for the British army. He was six foot, and two inches. He was a size thirteen.5 Just fifiteen years,in 1747,later he left school and became a surveyor.George's Mother Mary Ball Washington was left alone to raise George and his 5 younger brothers and sisters.6 He was only 11 years old when his father died.His great grandfather,John Washington,sailed to america to buy tobacco,but when his ship sunk as he was about to return to England he remined in Virginia.

6 The next year,1749,Washington received his frist official appointment-as surveyor of Culpepper County,Virginia.In 1752,his bother died of tuberulosis and Washington inherited the mt.Vernon.That same year,Washington received his frist military commission - as a major in the Virginia militia.7 In 1743,his oldest brother married the doughter of the Hororable George William fairfax,then a member of the council.

A picture of George Washington.
A picture of George Washington.

George Washington's Army Life

His army didn't have good weapons. They didn't have uniforms. He was the general for the army. They fought behind trees, and bushes. Not like the British fought. They had no food, and no money.2 During the French and Indian war, Washington wrote a letter to is mother after a great defeat which not only killed, or wounded the bulk of the British soldiers that participated but also killed his old general, Edward Braddock.7 George baecame interested in the military that a young age.He tried to join the navy at age 15.

8 The week before Christmas George's army took up winter quarters at Valley Fordge on west side of the schuylkill.Although the general's choice of location was sharply criticized, the site he had selected was central and easily defended.Then came a cruel race with time to got nuts erected before the soldiers, barefoot and half naked, froze to death.Hundreds of horses did in fact starve to death, and for army starvation was a mortal danger."No meat no meat!" was the constant wail.

[[image:explorers_history/George_Washington_1772.jpg width="335" height="442" caption="Colonel George Washington painting 1722 by Charles Willson Peale"]]

George Washington's later life

As you might think George Washington was the first president he was really the 9th president of the United States. He was the general for the colonist army.3 He finished his second term as the 9th president of the United States in 1797.4 Curtis was the nineteen at the time of George Washington's death in 1799.On that morning of the thirteenth, the general was engaged in making some improvments in the front of Mount was 67 at that time.

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