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This space is designed to be a place where students from Mr. Soskil's classes in the Wallenpaupack South Elementary School can come together to find information, share ideas, display work, and show the world all of the great things they are learning. As the school year goes on we will be adding more, so make sure you check back.

If you are trying to find Mr. Soskil's blog on education or professional wikispace, they can be found by clicking these links: A Teacher's Life for Me (Blog) Collaborating Teachers (Wiki)

End of the Year 5th Grade Video

Parents - Click Here for a video explaining some of the websites students will be using in class this year.

South Elementary Red Ribbon Week Human Flag

2007-2008 School Year - Click to see student work from this school year
2008-2009 School Year - Click to see student work from this school year
2009-2010 School Year - Click to see student work from this school year
2010-2011 School Year - Click to see student work from this school year
2011-2012 School Year - Click to see student work from last year.

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2012 Food Drive

WASE Music Wiki

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Student-Run Mock Election 2012 (Click for Results and More Pictures)

Discovery Education

Copyright Released Pictures

Social Studies

superstickies.pngSS Study Guides

Social Studies Podcasts

Study Materials for US Citizenship Test (Final Exam)

13 British Colonies
2012 Student-run Mock Election
American Revolution Encyclopedia
Save Lincoln PBL Projects
Corps of Discovery Projects
Pictures of our class helping kindergarten students research distant places

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Math Class Podcasts

2013 Million Dollar Project Resources
Completed Million Dollar Projects
Math Moves U
Math homework help
Scientific Notation
Scale of the Universe - Scientific Notation
Partial Products Multiplication
Division - Driving Problem
Order of Operations
Fibonacci & Golden Section Resources
Fibonacci Sequence & Golden Ratio Podcast
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Decimals
1213 PeetRodriguez
Decimal Division Models
Decimal Division Glogs
Quadrilateral Flow Charts
Platonic Solids



Grammar and Writing

Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips Podcast


Science Fair Ideas

Our Classroom Bookshelf

Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog