Articles of Confederation.
The Articles were a government for the U.S.A . Although they were a weak national
government there were some things good about it.

The Articles of Confederation was the forerunner to the US Constitution and it was drafted by the Continental Congress at York PA. on 1775. And it was ratified on 1781.The Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation were throw away because the were a weak national government. [1]

The one lasting provision of the Confederation the ordinance. On1787:had singed an era of the westward expansion the ordinance that had just set the guidelines for how a territory could become a state. A legislature would be elected as soon as a population had reached 5,000 voting citizens - which would be only men ,and the territory would have to be eligible for the state hold that once reach 60,000.[1]

When American colonies were in war with Britain , that is when they declared themselves independent from great Britain .Near the end of 1776,9of the 13 colonies had to agree to an idea to be definite ,and they had their own constitutions. [2]

The articles of confederation detail how 13 colonies are together as a the United States of America, how they share the government.
Also states would have control ,unless votes were given to congress to step in.[2]

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